One month later

fireworks rubbish in snow

New Years Eve 2001.
More plastic out there.
Oh, eternity.

Fake missing fingers

shop  window mannequin

clothes shop
adding cool

(16. february 2001)

Shell shock

puzzle pieces
not really

(New Years Day, 2001)

Yes, new, move on!

New years day 2001

Not that good, I hear you saying.
But it was nine minutes into the first day of 2001, and the shutter speed on the Nikon E950 (my first digital camera) was one second.

Eye interior

Left eye interior

The interior of a left eye.
The right is different, you know.

To be continued – again

Old hyperlux website

The old hyperlux site, laid to rest in 2013.
What was wrong with that?!